IPSO invites everyone to the special surgical oncology programme in Lyon.

Besides the main programme, you are welcome to join the interactive Pre-educational Event on October 22, 2019 focused on surgical core principles in neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor and germ cell tumors.

Click here for the full programme of the Pre-educational Event

Bring your difficult cases to the Difficult Case Session on October 23, 2109.

IPSO Programme highlights:

Tuesday, Oct 22nd

Pre-congress Educational Day

Core Principles in Wilms tumor, neuroblastoma and germ cell tumors


Wednesday, Oct 23rd

FPS 1-Liver and Pancreas

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Daniel Hayes Surgical Skills Seminar

Surgical techniques for resection of cervico-thoracic tumors

Speaker: Jaime Shalkow, Mexico

Challenges of tumor surgery in the neck region

Speaker: Vincent Couloigner, France

Vena cava/atrial involvement of abdominal tumors

Speaker: Sharon Cox, South Africa

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FPS 2-Neuroblastoma and Sarcoma

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Problem Cases

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Thursday, Oct 24th

FPS 3- The Robert Arceci Best of IPSO

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IPSO: FPS 4-Renal Tumours

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FPS 5-GCT and Miscellaneous

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IPSO Symposium: Long Term Effects of Surgical Resection of Tumors

Long term functional results and sequelae after surgical resection of solid tumors
Speaker: Florent De Vathaire, France

Long term functional results after surgical resection of bone and soft tissue tumors
Speaker: Jos Bramer, The Netherlands

Long term outcomes after liver transplantation for malignant tumors
Speaker: Jean De Ville De Goyet, Belgium

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Keynote Lecture

Bringing genomics to the operating room


Friday, Oct 25th

FPS 6- Basic Research and Technology Developments

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Interdisciplinary concepts in unresectable tumors

Jörg Fuchs, Germany
Siddhartha Laskar, India
Gianni Bisogno, Italy

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