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Wednesday, October 23rd, 10:15 – 11:45



Frieda Clinton, Ireland

Liliana Vasquez, Peru


Introduction to the session

Chair:  Frieda Clinton, Ireland

Introduction to the session

Chair:  Liliana Vasquez, Peru

What it is to be a Young Investigator?

Invited Speaker:  Gemma Bryan, United Kingdom

What is mentorship?

Invited Speaker:  Jon Fisher, United Kingdom

Mentee / mentor pair discuss their experience

Invited Speaker:  Cecilia Ugaz Olivares, Peru

Mentee / mentor pair discuss their experience

Invited Speaker:  Justin N. Baker, USA

My experience with mentorship

Invited Speaker:  Glenn Mbah Afungchwi, Cameroon

How to choose a mentor

Invited Speaker:  Marilyn Hockenberry, USA


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Wednesday, October 23rd, 13:45 – 15:15


Increasing Safety and Consistency of Chemotherapy Treatment in Resource-limited Countries via Excel-based Prescription Automation

Speaker: Jeremy Hassan, Tanzania

HIV Prevalence and Disease Outcome among Patients Diagnosed with Childhood Cancer in Cameroon

Speaker: Bernard Wirndzem Njodzeka, Cameroon

Pediatric Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma – A PET/CT Based Study from Tertiary Care Centre of Pakistan

Speaker: Muhammad Khan, Pakistan

Intravascular Extension of Renal Tumours in Children: Influence of Contemporary Treatment on Outcomes

Speaker: Sajid Qureshi, India

Oncopeds: Early Diagnosis Of Childhood Cancer Using A Mobile Application: A Multicenter Pilot Study

Speaker: Cecilia Ugaz Olivares, Peru

Re-Irradiation In Recurrent Ependymoma: Experience Of An Institution

Speaker: Milena Oliveira, Brazil


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Wednesday, October 23rd, 15:45 – 17:15



Gevorg Tamamyan, Armenia

Paola Angelini, United Kingdom

Muhammad Saghir Khan, Pakistan


Threshold for identification, and reporting of chemotherapy adverse reactions

Speaker:  Sherif Kamal, Egypt


Methotrexate administration in resource limited setting

Speaker:  Amita Trehan, India


Asparaginase adverse effects: prevention and management

Speaker:  Scott Howard, USA


Administration guidelines for mercaptopurine; recommendations based on UKALL experience

Speaker:  Sumit Kumar Vohra, Germany


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