Here are all our keynote lectures:

​Keynote 1:

The Burden Of Childhood Cancer Worldwide And How IARC Informs The WHO Cancer Policies Elisabete Weiderpass (France)

Keynote 2:

Genomics of Renal Tumors Manfred Gessler (Germany)

Keynote 3:

IPSO: Bringing Genomics to the Operating Room Sabine Sarnacki (France)

Keynote 4:

Classification Of Pediatric Sarcomas: Defining Disease By Genotype Franck Tirode (France)

Keynote 5:

D’Angio lecture: Expertise In Radiation Oncology: Who Has It And Who Defines It? Edward Halperin (USA)

Keynote 6:

International Baseline Standards For Pediatric Oncology:  An Interdisciplinary Approach To Achieving Equity In Care Delivery Sarah Day (USA)

Keynote 7:

Evidence Based Medicine: Implementing Best Practices And Dispelling Myths Bob Phillips (UK)

Keynote 8:

PPO: Novel Approaches for Brain Repair and Cognitive Recovery in Paediatric Brain Tumour Survivors Donald Mabbott (Canada)